Friday, 15 March 2013

final magazine changes

    For the last magazine final piece, a range of changes have been made to it, the colour scheme is something that is mainly shown in the final piece, as it is fairly clear as to how it stands out now. Also there i snow less pages as any excess pages that I used before, have now been deleted and now, as it was 9 pages previously, it now consists of only 6 now as that is all that is needed, the layout of the newest magazine is also a big factor as many things are now different in every single page, for example in the interview page, there is a quote in the middle of the text. also the main masthead has been changed along with everything else on the main front cover.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Q5: How do you attract/ address your audience

Question 5: How do you attract/ address your audience
My magazine is aimed to attract its target audience in many ways. One way is through the use of the headlines as the fonts are used in an edgy manner which is meant to be cool and to stand out, this is something which the age range in which my magazine is aimed at as teenagers or young adults often take a shine to bold unique looking fonts and it adds an unusual approach to grabbing the audience’s attention as in most magazines the fonts are kept fairly plain and the audience is attracted through the use of the image which I wanted to do through both the font and the image itself. The image I have used in my magazine is going to take up the majority of the space provided on the main cover page as a typical magazine consists of this and mine will too, as the picture is made large, the image helps attract the target audience. The colour scheme of my magazine also helps attract my audience as there are many bold colours which stand out as I also want my magazine to not just blend in with other competing magazines. The simplicity of my magazine also helps attract the target audience of my magazine, as the layout is quite simple as the text on the front cover for example is in a box shaped format and this helps to avoid confusion or clustered looking text which can put off the audience which is the opposite of what I am trying to achieve.
The use of a clear and easy to read masthead helps readers know what magazine they are reading and makes the name of the magazine easily recognisable which also helps reputation and publicity through such methods such as word of mouth, the cover lines also help add to attracting the audience as readers often look at the main cover line on a magazine to see what the top story is about, and also they tend to often look at other cover lines too to see what else the magazine contains. The main colour scheme of my music magazine is brown/black/red, so therefore whatever text is in red, will ultimately stand out more as the other text would be brown/black.
My magazine is also quite male oriented as often, hip hop/ rap music is a fairly male based genre and therefore when keeping to that theme of a male dominant magazine also helps attract the audience which are most likely to buy it. There wouldn’t be much point trying to attract all types of audiences as it would be difficult, instead I try to aim to address one main type of audience which will be more successful to attract them and therefore get them to purchase the product. The colour scheme can also relate to the male theme also as the colours black, brown, dark red aren’t often connotations of female based things, like happy feelings, love etc. Instead its quite strong colours and dark which is more male based. Of the males I have based my magazine to attract, the age also has been made to be attracted, as my magazine features many young people, this then would attract young aspiring people who relate to music and which will then further their relations to the magazine and make them tend to buy it.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Q4: Who would be the audience for your media product?

Question 4: Who would be the audience for your media product?
For my magazine the audience would be fairly specific. The age I would want my audience to be would be around 15-20+, also the gender would mainly be male as female wouldn’t really relate to the genre of the magazine. Here is a box to show the social classes and the percentage of how much of the population is in each class.

 I would then think my magazine would be typically aimed at C1 and C2 as they can also relate to them rather than a class like AB which wouldn’t.
Some features in my magazine often attract to the age I have chosen for example the use of QR codes are something which teenagers can use and this makes them then feel involvement with the magazine and not just to view it then bin it. Also as a good majority of teenagers nowadays have smart phones, this can then also help to share the magazine and help it get well known.
Also the artists featured in my magazine are of a specific theme, and many young adults or teenagers are usually interested in more modern genres. The social habits of my audience should have an interest in music or rap as it can benefit them and then they will have more of a reason to purchase the media product.